Radar Speed Trailers

Radar Speed Trailers for E-Traffic Calming

Our Radar Speed Trailers provide budget friendly solutions.  Cost-effective, high quality speed monitors for safe streets and traffic control management.

Black and White Radar Speed Trailer

The Black and White Radar Display Trailer with the Your Speed sign gives immediate driver feedback to slow drivers and calm traffic as a cost efficient solution

See-Thru Pacesetter Radar Display Trailer

Driver Friendly, see-thru Radar Speed Sign Display. Alerts drivers with safe "See-thru" trailer, allowing them to see down the road for safer traffic control. Fast, easy setup.

Monitor Systems MS1-R Radar Speed Trailer

Perfect for flexible speed display driver feedback from any angle.  The MS1-R Your Speed Sign rotates 360 degrees.  Allowing for easy placement and directional speed limit displays.