Prodigy II – Pole Mounted Radar Speed Sign

Commonly deployed in school zones, construction areas, industrial complexes and neighborhoods. Monitor Systems speed signs provide a strong measure of traffic management unmatched by other speed display signs. The Prodigy II, is a user friendly Full Matrix, highly visible LED Radar Speed Display. including auto Ambient Light Adjustment, Vehicle Speed and Vehicle Statistical Data Capture, SD card storage.

Display Speed Messages with frames of text and/or graphics. Configurable Speed Display modes (which images/animations will be displayed) for the following situations:

  • No vehicle on the road
  • Vehicle detected, at speed below defined limit
  • Vehicle detected at speed over defined limit
  • Vehicle detected, at speed over defined Maximum Speed

Includes friendly Web Browser interface for easy access and is "password protected." Quickly connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to WiFi network provided inside the Prodigy II Rader Speed Display Sign. Then open your favorite web browser to update settings. As always, call our friendly staff should you have any questions at 888-819-7023.


  • Both static images and animations can be designed and displayed
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n wireless support
  • Integrated image editor for managing VMS images: Allows in-place image editing
  • Compact Modular Design
  • 4 leds per pixel
  • Polycarbonate Shatter Resistant Window
  • Powder Coated Aluminum enclosure
  • Lockable Rear Access door
  • Removable SD Card
  • Radar system fully enclosed within display
  • Scheduler to configure VMS operation times
  • Vehicle Speed and Statistical Data Capture
  • Multiple on/off cycles: Hours, Days, Weeks
  • Standard Ethernet interface
  • 12″ x 18″ x 3″ Display


  • Solar Panel
  • Other Options Available

Call us at 1-888-819-7023 for any questions you may have about our brochure for Prodigy II Pole Mounted Radar Speed Sign, for answers on Full Specifications, Solar Panel or other available options.