Prodigy 33L Pacesetter Variable Message/Speed Trailer

  • Prodigy 33L Pacesetter Radar Speed Trailer
    Prodigy 33L Pacesetter Radar Speed Trailer
    Prodigety 33L Pacesetter provides large Variable Message Display up to 7ft in height. Excellent for Work Zones, Construction Sites. Easy to deploy and setup.
  • Prodigy 33L
    Prodigy 33L
  • Prodigy 33L
    Prodigy 33L
  • Prodigy 33L Large LED Display Radar Speed Trailer
    Prodigy 33L Large LED Display Radar Speed Trailer
    Car slows down passing Monitor Systems Prodigy 33L Radar Speed Trailer Large LED Speed Display and Variable Message Display

Superior Visibility and easily deployed, Quick Setup with lift assist, Display Height of 7 feet from the ground makes it Ideal for Construction areas, high-accident and areas needing speeds displayed above common obstacles. Monitor Systems Radar Message Displays and Radar Speed Trailers provide a strong measure of traffic management unmatched by others. DOT Approved for use on high-speed, high-volume roadways, or freeways.

Includes friendly Web Browser interface for easy access and is "password protected." Quickly connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to WiFi network provided inside the Prodigy 33L Radar Speed Trailer. Then open your favorite web browser to update settings. As always, call our friendly staff should you have any questions at 888-819-7023.


  • Display Messages with text or graphics
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n wireless support
  • Under, over and max speed limit user settings
  • Multi stage on/off scheduler
  • Vehicle statistical data included as standard
  • Customizable Text and Numeric Sizes
  • SD Card Storage


  • Solar Panel
  • Other Options Available

Trailer features a removable hitch, lockable storage, deep cycle batteries, Display lift assist, 4 corner jacks and Graffiti-resistant powder coat paint.

Call us at 1-888-819-7023 for any questions you may have about our brochure for this product, answers on Full Specifications or Available Options.