Use Monitor Systems Radar Speed Displays to Slow Traffic, Save Lives, Prevent Accidents

Our Radar Speed Signs standard features outshine the competitors.  Other manufacturers often require you to pay for optional features that come standard on our products. This adds higher cost for you.

With 25 years manufacturing experience our team knows how to design user friendly Speed Displays. We have a variety of solutions for traffic safety to meet your goals in traffic safety.

Radar Speed Trailers

Variable Message Displays and Radar Speed Trailers

Radar Speed Signs also come with Variable Message Display feedback. This alerts drivers and speeders with important messages you choose. Warning Messages catch speeders attention.  Alerts slow traffic on busy, high traffic roads or school zones. For safety of children and preventing accidents, Monitor Systems works hard to deliver top quality with you in mind.

Please compare our Traffic Calming Speed Display signs with others on the market. What is optional? What do you have to pay for "optional" features? Features that come standard on our Radar Speed Trailers.

Radar Speed Signs and Pole Mounted Radar Display Messages

Easy, fast install and budget friendly. Great for School Zones, Animated Graphics and Speed Display combinations. Flexible settings for hours, days of the week. Easy to edit, standard Bluetooth wireless communications.

Mobile Dolly Speed Display Cart

Please Contact Us if you have questions. We are happy to work with you on innovative solutions in traffic safety control. Our Radar Speed Displays offer latest in technology for ease of use and data collection.

Any questions, Call us at 888-819-7023, or Email us directly at: Customer Service.