About Us


Monitor Systems was conceived in Dallas, Texas in 2004 when 2 businessmen came together to create build Radar Speed Signs and Radar Speed Trailers, an innovative best in class product. Most user friendly, cost efficient Speed Display monitors in the industry. Be assured when you work with Monitor Systems, you are working with a proven products and company with wide range of experience. Both in trailer manufacturing and radar speed display systems. Managing partners of Monitor Systems have over 30 years in manufacturing trailer industry, and 25 years in sales, customer service and design of LED and Radar Speed Displays systems.

Manufactures of Radar Speed Signs and Trailers

Monitor Systems manufactures proven speed awareness Radar Speed Display Signs and traffic control equipment. We strive to build the most cost effective, durable product on the market to aid in your speed awareness programs. Our product line offers a wide range of driver feedback displays with speed and/or variable message displays, pole or trailer mounted… All are designed to meet the changing and diverse needs of the industry.

We use our technical knowledge, plus an innovative ability to deliver the most reliable and user friendly traffic safety systems in the industry. All of our displays and trailers are easy to set up and should you need it, expert help is just a phone call away.

When you compare the features of our display and trailer systems against others, please examine what comes standard in ours! We save you money by incorporating more features as standard on our systems, that our competitors list as options.

We continue to grow our business by servicing the needs of:

  • Law Enforcement
  • State Highway Departments “DOT”
  • U.S. Military
  • Public Works Departments
  • Industrial Campus
  • Mining
  • Construction and Rental Companies
  • Railroads
  • Colleges
  • Home Owners and Neighborhood Associations
  • across America and Worldwide

Some examples of the diverse climates and geographic areas we currently have units deployed in are:

  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Iceland
  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • all weather and conditions, quick and easy setup with your favorite Web Browser