Improving Safety and Security to your Roads
Reduce Recklessness By keeping drivers aware of their speed.
For Safety Keep road workers out of harm's way

Building Speed Awareness

Preventing accidents, Saving lives

25yrs Manufacturing & Customer Service experience. We provide best quality, user friendly Radar Speed Signs, Variable Message Displays, & Speed Display Signs to keep your roads safe and slow drivers down.

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E-Traffic Calming Systems

Product Applications

We offer a wide range of Radar Speed Signs & Variable Message Displays for use in School Zones, Child & Pedestrian Road Safety, Law Enforcement, Road Construction and Industrial applications.

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Our purpose started with Speed Radar Displays to help communities slow traffic. To encourage safe driving & prevent accidents. Click for helpful links to organizations for School Zones & Road Safety.

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Proven speed awareness and traffic control equipment

We work hard to build the most cost effective, durable Radar Speed Signs on the market. To help you in your Speed Awareness Programs. To prevent accidents, save lives, protect our children

Monitor Systems Radar Speed Signs Improve Safety for your Roads

Monitor Systems manufactures effective speed awareness and traffic control equipment. We create our Radar Speed Signs with user friendly access in mind for you. For easy installation, fast setup and Speed Data Monitoring.

Our Speed Sign Displays are the most durable products on the market. Our product line offers a wide range of Driver Feedback Displays and Variable Message Displays. With selections in pole mounted Speed Displays or Radar Speed Trailers.

All designed to meet the changing and diverse needs in the marketplace for School Zones and children's safety, Law Enforcement, or Industrial, Commercial and Construction. Our goal is to deliver you high quality Radar Speed Signs and Speed Display products that are not only top of the line, but budget friendly.

Listening to you, working with our customers helps us build innovative solutions for road traffic safety. Understanding your needs and meeting your safety requirements is our number one goal at Monitor Systems. To prevent accidents and save lives. Using the latest technology in wireless, data collection and driver feedback tools to protect children and promote Traffic Awareness programs.
Our customers help lead us in an effort to proudly create quality, durable Speed Awareness products. Like the featured Radar Speed Trailers to the right, Prodigy 23L and Prodigy 22L. We provide you Traffic Control systems with easy installations, fast deployment, and reliable systems.
The quality and design of our products, and listening to our customers, with years of experience has allowed us to grow by maintaining and adding state of the art Radar Speed Displays. Delivering cost efficiency while keeping high standards. Long lasting, Radar Speed Display systems with standard features many other manufacturers sale as optional add-ons. Raising your project cost.
Our flexible Radar Speed Signs work for many applications. In School Zone, City Law Enforcement, U.S. military, Construction companies, Railroads, Home Owners Associations, Public Works Departments and many others. We deliver across America, Canada, South America and world-wide.
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